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    Customer Support

    Control solutions with care


    Sheet metal from fractions of a millimeter up to far over 100 mm can be formed in desired angles resulting in products or subassemblies. Products as machine frames, kitchen furniture, shielding parts but also construction steel and cladding can be manufactured using these systems.

    In many cases, functionality can be configured using supported solutions, developed through the years. In some cases, special solutions and additional mechanisms are needed. In close cooperation with our customers our support specialists discuss requirements to provide tailor made solutions or solutions in which proprietary knowledge of OEM’s can be implemented.

    This approach results in continuous integration of functions, beneficial for the users of the machine tool equipment, enabling improved usability and efficiency.

    Technical support

    Delem’s customers are, one by one, specialists in development and production of press brake solutions and other sheet metal related production equipment.

    In addition to the delivery of our control solutions, our team of technical specialists assists our customers with the integration and configuration process of their machine tool application. From standard solutions, setting up, commissioning and fine-adjustment up to unique projects with special requirements and features, one can rely on the support of our specialists in all steps.


    Press brake control needs

    Control technology and excellent support

    Delem designs and manufactures press brake control solutions for customers all over the world. CNC machine controls, front-end programming solutions and related production preparation software are continuously innovated, using the latest technology.

    Highly sophisticated control solutions are being developed, produced and supported in close relation and cooperation with our customers according to a "total-care" philosophy. Partnership is part of the solution.

    Delem Support


    Delem provides complete solutions which can be integrated in OEM specific applications. Flexibility and customer specific solutions enable our customers to differentiate.


    Delem is lean enough to be flexible with individual customer wishes. Individuality is part of the product architecture.


    Solutions impress with their high degree of availability and unsurpassed reliability.


    Delem is focussed on our joint business and domain. Continuous innovation, development and cooperation enable to partner with OEM's and offer state-of-the-art solutions.

    Strong partner

    The focus at Delem is on long-term partnerships, a guaranteed future and a personal relationship.

    More comprehensive support

    Delem provides the best technical support and is available to support your sales and marketing activities.