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    Modular press brake control

    Scalable solutions based on compatibilty

    Modusys system enabling flexibility and expandability

    The DA-60Touch series press brake controls offer an even higher grade of efficient programming with a state-of-the-art large screen touch application.

    Neatly fitting with the most demanding applications the
    DA-60Touch series enhance high-end press brakes and enable OEM to integrate sophisticated functionality.


    DA-Touch series, 3D graphical front-end CNC

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    DA-Touch series, 2D graphical front-end CNC

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    Delem Modusys system

    The Delem Modusys system enables the OEM to add axis and functionality to the need for specific press brake applications. Starting from a production baseline, the Modusys modules can be added and functions can be addressed. Compatibility over the series, independent from the front-end press brake control, leaves flexibility for late customisation.

    Modusys offers Y-axes, auxiliary axes and I/O expansion. Real-time interfacing for eg. sensor bending can also be added. Distribution of I/O modularity enables the design of autonomous modules which can be added based on power-supply and HSB-bus connectivity.


    • True touchscreen navigational user friendliness
    • 17" high resolution colour TFT
    • USB periferal interfacing
    • Network integration
    • Advanced interfacing for high-end machine functions
    • Modusys compatibility
    • Offline software, enabling production preparation