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    Confidence in cutting

    Shear control

    Cutting edge shear solutions

    Shear control solutions cut to finesse

    For shear applications the control must fit to the variety of functionality offered at today's sophisticated shears. The functionality directly at hand helps the user to easily set up that what is required. Confidence in accurate setting leads to increased shear productivity.

    The diversity in shear solutions is not only found in multiple Delem shear control solutions but moreover in the flexibility and adaptablity of the shear controls to the application. User interfaces adapt to the available functionality helping the operator to have the tool at his finger tips.

    DAC-360s / 362s

    The DAC-360s and DAC-362s shear controllers. A variety of shear functionality configurable upon demand. The DAC-362s adds multi axes support.

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    DAC-360T / 362T

    The all new DA-300T series touch shear controls. Touch screen navigation in a versatile shear control solution.

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    The DAC-310s shear control. Setting up shears for individual cuts becomes easier than ever.

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    The DAC-310T shear control. The known touch user interface now also at the benjamin shear control solution.

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