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    DA-Retrofit solutions

    Revival of experienced machines

    CNC solution lifting experienced brakes to today's technology

    The Delem retrofit solution is based on the current DAonWindows system. This user-friendly system, with its self-learning databases and graphical programming facilities that include automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection, makes controlling press brakes easier and more versatile than ever. Housed in a tough and sturdy cabinet, the control continues to use Delem’s familiar and intuitive user interface, which is displayed on the standard color LCD (TFT) screen.

    Windows® networking allows easy integration with your production network so that the control can be accessed from anywhere in the network and product data can be stored at the desired network locations.


    Embedded reliability

    All DAonWindows controls feature an embedded, real-time Windows operating system for maximum reliability. Smooth start-ups ensured, even after instant shut off.


    Machines sturdy and solid, deserve a second stint. Retrofitting, keeping value, increasing sustainability.


    Offering solutions 1:1 fitting as replacement making changeover to new technology easy.


    Upgrading, enabling the benefits of new technologies, increasing life-span of experienced machines.


    Solutions are based on a strong philosophy. A philosophy embed with user friendliness.


    • 2D graphical programming
    • 12” TFT color display
    • Full Windows suite
    • Integrated OEM-panel
    • USB keyboard & mouse interface
    • Pin compatible with earlier DA-controls
    • Retrofit solution based on current components

    Technical data

    DisplayColour LCD display
    Type12" TFT, high brightness
    Resolution 800 x 600 pixels, 16 bit colour
    Storage capacity128 MB
    Product and tools memory64 MB
    Characteristics3D graphics acceleration
    NetworkingStandard Windows® networking
    Safety systemEmergency switch
    OEM machine functionsIntegrated OEM-panel
    Exchangeable memoryUSB flash memory drive
    Bus expansion2nd HSB Modusys bus
    Bending aidsPart support control
    Backgauge programming X1-X2 angle programming
    Program selectionBarcode reader interfacing