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    Expanding modulair solutions, enabling technology

    DA-60S series


    The new DA-60S series, available with most advanced press brakes, is lifting the standards of high-end control solutions. The new DA-69S and DA-66S based on today's state-of-the-art technology, improving user friendliness, increasing press brake productivity.

    With a complete new, modern user interface the DA-60S series perfectly aligns with the machine. The operator has easiest access to all machine functions, and required information at a glance. With navigation in line with other known Delem control solutions, no learning curve is required.

    The DA-60S series features:

    • 24" widescreen high resolution color TFT
    • Industrial grade premium touchscreen control
    • Accurate 3D machine visualization in simulation and production modes
    • Platform for continuous development
    • Second display option for additional applications at machine side and future CNC content expansion

    The all new DA-60S series is expanding the known DA-60Touch series press brake controls empasising to the highest requirements.
    Modern technology, strong interfacing and ease of use strengthen our products even more, and most important: Increase your productivity!

    For more details do not hesitate to contact us.

    DA-69S + DD-60S