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    Expanding possibilities, enabling new functionality for conventional machines

    New: DA-42T


    The new DA-42T is enabling the use of CNC control for more advanced conventional applications. Added to the DA-40T press brakes control solutions, the DA-42T adds crowning control, R-axis control and pressure control on top of the strong known conventional touch control, type DA-41T

    As a logical expansion to the touch user interface of the DA-41T new axes functionality can be easily found and used. Any user of Delem touch controls will automatically feel at home with the new DA-42T. No learning curve required.

    The DA-42T features:

    • Industrial grade premium touchscreen control
    • 7" widescreen high resolution colour TFT
    • LED backlight
    • Beam stop Y-axis control
    • Back gauge X-axis control
    • R-axis control
    • Crowning control
    • Pressure control
    • Program memory of 100 programs
    • Angle programming
    • Tool programming
    • Manual movement of all axes
    • USB memory stick interfacing

    For more details do not hesitate to contact us.

    Modern technology, strong interfacing and ease of use strengthen our products even more, and most important: Increase your productivity!